Expertise in Curvic,
Dynamic Balance and
other Grinding Services

Anmark offers a variety of manufacturing processes to meet customer needs. With a staff having over 70 years in collective experience in Curvic coupling manufacturing, we are proficient in providing engineering expertise to aid research and prototype work. We are capable of manufacturing or repairing Tooling, Gages and Production Parts to meet the closest tolerances and most demanding customer specifications.

Engineering Support

Curvic manufacturing is highly complicated due to the extreme accuracy required of rotating power transmission parts. As such, there is substantial planning that must be developed and adhered to early in the manufacturing process to successfully achieve blueprint tolerances for products containing Curvic couplings.

With Anmark's depth of Curvic knowledge we often assist customers with their manufacturing planning. This effort can produce a seamless transition from the turning/grinding operations upstream of the curvic grind process through to the finishing stage, assuring successful attainment of design criteria.

Anmark can help you save time and money in the long run by teaming together during the planning stages of your project. Our engineering support typically includes:
  1. Design and manufacturing of work-holding tooling for the product
  2. Establishing production tolerances for features that are tied to the Curvic coupling
  3. Producing control gages used for inspection of the Curvic features
  4. Suggestions for manufacturability on research or development projects

Anmark's key services

  • Curvic grinding
  • Dynamic balancing
  • ID / OD grinding
  • Turning / Milling
  • Surface grinding
  • Edge treatment / Deburring
  • Jig boring
  • Engineering

“Due to continuing engineering changes, JSF parts have required quick turns. Anmark has done an excellent job in turning our hardware around.”

Production Planner / Buyer
UTC Aerospace Systems